A Trip to the Far East - 1980
By Bo Jeansson - BGS 21.

Bangkok-Hong Kong

"Cathay Pacific flight CX700 is approaching Hong Kong. Please notice that the “Fasten seatbelt” sign and the “No smoking” signs are lit.!"

Hong Kong – the first glimpses from the plane were just like all the pictures I had seen previously. But what a difference to see it in reality! And to land between the skyscrapers. One could nearly see right into the apartments.

Custom and passport control were quickly passed and outside I was met by an old friend, Jan, from my time on Lundsberg’s Boarding School.

After a quick tour of the city we went to Chung Hum Kok, where Jan has his apartment. A charming town. Mucj more hilly than I had imagined. With narrow, winding roads and heavy traffic.

Altogether I was in Hong Kong for 11 days. It’s a fine modern town with lots to see. I often went for walks in central Hong Kong and was over on the Kowloon side several times too. Traveled by underground train, through the motorway tunnel and of course I went with the famous Star Ferry.

Good food at Chinese, French and European restaurants. The floating restaurant in Aberdeen was a memorable experience, so was repulse Bay and Jan’s Swedish meatballs. Some interesting visits to nightclubs, among others Buttoms Up.

The weather was fair all the time. A little rain and sometimes a strong wind when Hong Kong happened to be in the path of a typhoon.

Tailors and photography shops and long list of other shops were among the places I visited. There was never any problem about how to spend the days, evenings and nights. Incredible how many things there were to see and do. Peak tram, for example, up to one of the highest peaks, 500m, with a fantastic view of the harbor and Kowloon. Clouds wrapped the top stores of the skyscrapers. Double-decker buses and trams. Swarms of people on the streets. Masses of small shops and big department stores with exciting goods.

Hong Kong in the early 80s era.

Aberdeen’s Floating Town – a town within the town with its own lifestyle. Different. Imagine what it would be like to have something similar in Gothenburg harbor.

Everyone seemed so friendly and helpful. Well, I didn’t meet every one of the 4.5 million inhabitants of course. Everything was a mixture of Chinese and Western. Buildings, people, clothing, food.

I even managed to get lost in a hotel under construction - beat that if you can!

Once again the time went all too quickly for me. Unbelievable how much there is to see and how much I still have left to see on, perhaps, another trip.

(Note: During the year following my first visit to Hong Kong, I have been able to return 13 times)