Harvest Festival with the Dayaks in Sarawak
By Bo Jeansson - BGS 21.

Kuching - Sibu

The ferry ticket

The trip onboard was spent mostly sleeping or half sleeping to recover from last day with the Dayaks.

Sibu harbour

Sibu - Kapik

Kapit Line Express Ticket

Getting to Kapit is the first leg of the journey up the Rejang River and the trip there offers a fascinating insight into life along Sarawak's mightiest river and the rain forests which border its banks. The super-fast launches which do this trip, known as the 'Kapit Express' are narrow, steel-bottomed boat powered by enormous twin diesels which generate a very big thrust and cover the 130 km or so from Sibu to Kapit in a mere four hours!

Kapit Express Inside Kapit Express

You do not need to book in advance, simply go down to the Delta Wharf about half an hour before it is due to leave and pay on board. You can sit anywhere you like - on the seats inside, on the bench at the back, on the deck at the front or on the roof. The launches call at Kanowit and Song as well as a number of smaller settlements and logging camps en route but only long enough to let passengers on or off.

A jetty along Rejang River Longhouses along Rejang River

On arrival at Kapit you have a choice as to where you get off. If you intend to stay at one of the hotels there get off at the first 'jetty' below the Kapit Longhouse Hotel.