Harvest Festival with the Dayaks in Sarawak
By Bo Jeansson - BGS 21.


This beautiful, relaxing little town dating from the White Rajahs and still sporting an old wooden fort, Fort Sylvia, built by Charles Brooke, will be your stop on the journey up the Rejang. To anyone from outside it is just a sleepy riverside village tucked into the rain forest but to up-river people it is the "big city" to which they come to buy, sell and exchange goods as well as for entertainment - there are two cinemas.

Main street in Kapit

There is not a great deal to do or see in Kapit though the waterfront and the market are interesting and the Chinese temple works up a sweat on the big drums some evenings but it is the terminus for the "Kapit Express" launches from Sibu and the place to which you must come to obtain the permit to traveling between here and Beluga.

Kapit jetty


Sibu is the main port city on the Rejang River - Sarawak's longest and largest river. Situated some 60 km up-river from the ocean, its bustling waterfront sports all manners of craft from motorized dug-outs to ocean going liners. It is here that the raw materials of the interior - lumber, gravel, minerals and agricultural products - are brought for export and manufactured goods from the outside world for distribution along the Rejang and its tributaries.

Sibu pottery Pottery production

As far as the traveler is concerned, Sibu is the starting point for a trip up the Rejang to visit longhouses which are scattered along its entire length.